I began Reaching for the Stars to fuel my passion:  I love helping people who are overwhelmed- physically, emotionally and/or spiritually and help them to create a beautiful, peaceful, and intentional life.  The mission of Reaching for the Stars is to make a positive difference in the lives of those experiencing overwhelm or transition.  We provide compassion-focused care, organization, and resources.  With confident and caring individual attention, we provide services designed to allow our clients and their loved ones to build a web of support during times of significant challenge in their lives.

Services Provided

Respite Care, Nursing Home/ Hospital/ Home Visits, Cooking, Pet Care, Shopping, Cleaning, Laundry, Raking, Shoveling, Appointments, Field Trips, Adventures, Errands, Friendship, and Fun.

Concentrating on Service in the Eastern Metro Area

Every family and situation is different, but there is a theme that we see over and over again when visiting a potential client for the first time.

Often a family has been thrust into a stressful situation with a health crisis, deployment, or declining ability to manage running a household.

Most people want help, they just don’t know where to start.  They may have many well-meaning people coming and going:   family members, friends, nurses or health care staff, or people in their community.  Often, these people are bringing food, calling on the phone, and trying in many ways to help.  All of this help is great, but can often leave the primary care giver or client exhausted with feelings of unpredictability or even chaos.  They hear about our services and may think of it as yet another person coming and going and adding to the chaos.  They don’t know where to start, so they do nothing.

Take 3 deep relaxing breaths and make the call.

We can and will help.  We can asses your needs and in 2 hours bring greater organization and ease into your lives.

Health Care Needs-
We can set up a family calendar:  fill in all appointments, home  health aid and nurse visits, a meal schedule, and a visiting schedule.  We can break down the to do list and make it possible for helpers to sign up and take tasks.  We can decide how many people you would like visiting at any one time and set up a schedule for them.  If you need a good night’s sleep every other night, we can set up schedule for overnight help.  We can set up a Caring Bridge and/or a Lotsa Helping Hands site for your loved one.  Any updates in health are posted on the site and then family and friends are notified via email.  If computers aren’t your thing, maybe someone would love to take the task of managing the website updates.  If not,  we can manage that for you as well.

Organizational Needs-
Together we can assess the project and decide on a plan of action.  We can write up a daily or weekly to do list that you feel comfortable with. We can find the resources that will help you accomplish your goals.  We can find any areas where help is needed and find people or solutions to address those needs.  If you find that the sense of disorganization extends into food and meal preparation, we can menu plan and make a grocery shopping list for easy and healthy meals.

We will help you to find and use all of your available resources so that your lives feel as calm as possible.

Remember, Take 3 deep relaxing breaths and make the call 651 270 9751.  Reaching for the Stars can help.

“Sarah has an uncanny ability to bring peace and calm into any situation.?
She is a calming presence.”

Paul, Dad and Small Business Owner

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