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Life on the Farm Part II


We have opened a new chapter of Life on the Farm…Life on the Farm II.  On Halloween, we moved to Taylors Falls, a St Croix river town of about 1000.  We now have 20 acres and a real barn.  This is a photo of a frosty February sunrise overlooking the back pasture.  You can just see the hen house on the left, and the old corn crib now houses 37 active layers and 1 busy rooster.


On New Years Eve Gus, the Livestock Guard Dog Extraordinaire, got a new helper, Belle .  Belle was a rescue from Kentucky and weighed only 60 lbs when they saved her.  Now she’s about 80 lbs and so happy being Gus’ helper and playmate.  She is a total sweetheart. Gus has grown to be about 100 lbs and still thinks he can fit on my lap for snuggle time.  He’s a big goofball.  They both take their jobs very seriously, and they play and wrestle a lot too.


Dee the goat has many adventures with Jude, our other goat.  Both girls are pregnant and will kid in April and May.  Goats often have twins or triplets, so we could have a nice little herd this spring.  They love the dogs and 2 cats.  All of the animals love exploring the barn and the new paddocks.

Life on the farm keeps us busy and is great fun.  We are living our dream and feel so blessed to have made this leap of faith together.  I’m having so much fun with my best friend and first mate.

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