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Do you find yourself without enough time in your days?  Let Reaching for the Stars be that extra set of hands to bring ease into your days.

References Available on request Do you find yourself single parenting by choice or circumstance?  A compassionate helper from  Reaching for the Stars can stay home to watch your children, start or fold a load of laundry, and start a dinner while you are running your after school shuttle service.  You deserve to be cared for too.

Do you have a loved one living alone?  Do you worry about them and wish that you could pop in on them to make sure that they are healthy and happy?  Send a friendly visitor from Reaching for the Stars to make sure that everything is ok, meals have been prepared and eaten, and that your loved one has the attention that they need.

Are you wishing that you could help someone, but are unable to? Send them a human care package to help them when you can’t be there.  Send some TLC in the form of grocery shopping/meal preparation, cleaning/organizing, or respite care, so your loved one can have a well deserved soak in the tub followed by a nap.


References – Available on request

Rates – Phone consultations available

$25/hr plus mileage (residential)
$50/hr plus mileage (business)

Packages – Examples only

May be customized for your situation.  (click package for more details)
New Parent Package – $150.00
Home Alone Package – $200.00
Care Package – $200.00


“Sarah is real.  She has a spirit that seeks to do and serve where she is needed.  Sarah has the capacity and the experience to anticipate and assess life’s every day challenges and the energy to take care of what needs to be done – and does so with respect and grace.”     Toni, Lakeview Hospice Volunteer

“Sarah is one of the most trusted individuals I know.  She is ethical and caring and understands how to meet people’s needs sometimes before they know what they need themselves!”     Sue, Mom Client

“Sarah brings peace of mind, relief in times of change, healing balm when facing loss, and the gift of time and energy for what you most care about.”      Maria

“There is a Grace in Sarah that you will know immediately.  She is genuine, kind, loving and caring, with an abundance of faith that she readily shares.”      Susan, Nine Cloud Healing

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